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How do I get my club/venue listed on your website, or how did my club get listed on your site?

Your club/venue will be listed as soon as a trial participant posts a review. If you are a club/venue/event representative, we recommend registering as a member to monitor reviews about your club/venue or event. Submitting your club/venue/event information to us for inclusion in the club database and providing all of your event participants with a link to our site. This will also encourage them to post reviews.

Can club/venue operators have negative reviews removed from the site?

Reviews are almost never removed and never just because a club/venue/event representative disputes or doesn’t like a statement or denies an incident occurred. If we are able to verify a review was maliciously distorting facts about a specific feature of the club/venue or event, it may be removed.  However, all reviews reflect the opinion of the individual member and we do not condone or implement censorship.

Can I review my own club/venue/event or perhaps the club/venue/event of a competitor?

No. This is explicitly forbidden in our User Agreement. Reviews can only be submitted by REAL trial participants.

Can I comment on or respond to a review?

No, this is a primarily a review site. There are chat groups, discussion groups and message boards available online to address individual topics and/or grievances.

How can I correct basic listing information (address, website, etc) about my club/event or venue?

You may use the Contact link at the bottom of this page to reach our help desk. Please include a link to the current listing on our site and any updated information.

How can I increase visibility for my club/venue/event?

Like any business or service provider, Clubs and Venues can Become a Sponsor


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