Review Criteria Explained

Thank you for your interest in writing a review. We have tried to make the review creation process fast, simple and intuitive. We are using a 5 Star rating system (see below) for 9 pre-defined amenities/ services offered at 99% of all trials. You also have a chance to leave comments/observations or critiques in a free form text field.

To make things easy, we have assigned comments to each Star Rating (see left).

Three stars meaning “It was OK” and that is our baseline.

If you feel things were much better or much worse,
you can increase it to 4 or 5 Stars or lower it to 2 or just 1 Star.
The choice is yours, just click the Star level you deem fit.
Our system will automatically calculate an overall experience value.

Pre-Defined Services / Amenities

Well lid or a dungeon? Too many stairs or an elevator? Easy to open doors or heavy “barn gates”? Comfy seats or no seats at all?  Many comparisons come to mind. How do you rate the Venue, Arena, Facility whatever you’d like to call it?

Double Decker or triple stack? Room for chairs, loungers or standing room only? Windy, dirty or clean and comfy? Crating can go from nice to nightmare.
How do you rate your opinion?

Rubberized Contacts? Appealing jumps and clean tunnels? Did the timer work properly? Any bulky wood obstacles with sharp dangerous edges? Let us know what you experienced!

Stale Coffee, dried out burgers and soggy fries? Pre-cooked meals out of a microwave? or Crunchy, healthy salads and wraps? Yummy burger creations, hot innovative pizzas or even attempts at gourmet? There is a whole wide world of catering out there. Which one did you find?

Nice bathrooms or just a stinky porta-potty? Cleaned regularly or once a month? Spare toilet paper or bring your own? Water, Soap and Towels or wipe in your trousers? You get the picture.

50 mile hike to the nearest parking lot? Getting stuck in puddle ridden grass parking areas? or Nice paved organized parking with plenty of room, maybe even some shade and handicapped spots next to the exits? What did your parking experience look like?

RV owners love level, clean, sturdy full hook-up spots with 30 and 50 AMP, sewer, water and ideally SAT TV access. Was this something this trial offered?

Manicured lawn or mud puddle?  Raked dirt or artificial turf?  Rubber or sand pit? There are many ways the surface quality can affect your score. What did your trial have to offer?

One lonely T-Shirt vendor or a selection of booths with a variety of choices from home made treats, to jewelry and chiropractic. From dog toys to designer shirts, from engraving to equipment. How did your trial present its vendors? If any?

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