Reviewed Venue: Bella Vista Training Center

Review Created: October, 05th 2016 by fredebali57

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Northern Virginia Brittany Spaniel Club
Running Surface:
Artificial Turf
Venue Style:
Indoor without A/C
Reviewer opinion:
I entered the Northern Virginia Brittany Spaniel Club Trial held at Bella Vista Training Center in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania near Harrisburg this past spring. The owners of Bella Vista where the trial secretary. Their policy for pulling from a trial is TERRIBLE. They charge a service charge. I've not had that with any other trial secretary or club. I entered a Monday, Tuesday trial there and then got a summons for Jury Duty (which I take very seriously). I had to call the court house on Friday before the trial to see if I had to report. And of course I did. So I emailed the trial secretary at Bella Vista explaining the problem and they refused to give me any money back. I also paid $60 to park my RV there Sunday and Monday night. They would not give me back my RV money either. Then I emailed the Northern Virginia Brittany Spaniel club to ask the Trail Chairperson if I could get any money back. Their answer was also NO! WARNING! STAY AWAY FROM ANY TRIALS HELD AT BELLA VISTA TRAINING CLUB!!!