Reviewed Venue: St. Lucie Fairgrounds

Review Created: November, 13th 2016 by Agility4fun

Vero Beach, Florida
Dog Obedience Club Of Hollywood
Running Surface:
Venue Style:
Outdoor Covered
Reviewer opinion:
Great trial. Awesome club. They worked hard to please everyone. They kept the trial moving smoothly. Judges were fantastic. Finally got my 1st MACH and the bar and ribbon are beautiful. I love the venue. Kudos to Fairgrounds vendors for finally moving to the Arena. Took too long to walk to their separate building, especially if you have multiple dogs, classes and levels. They finally realized if they moved they would get more business. Red dirt/clay makes dogs red all weekend but at least the surface was not bad. I think the dogs did pretty well running on it. All in all, the DOCH put on a great trial. MACH Harley says a big thank you to wonderful judges Victoria MacVicar & Debbie Mosher for their great courses, fast, smooth & challenging.

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