Reviewed Venue: State Fairgrounds

Review Created: October, 15th 2017 by Bordercolliemom

Springfield, Illinois
Capitol Canine Training Club
Running Surface:
Venue Style:
Indoor without A/C
Reviewer opinion:
This is a temporary building while the larger coliseum is under repair. It was previously just a large covered area that was recently enclosed. On the first day, the dirt was really bad with big lumps and soft areas, but as it was used, it did get better. There are rocks, sticks and wood chips mixed into the dirt. There is almost no crating, and what there is, is stuck behind bleachers and such. There are other nearby buildings that could be used for crating, but would be pretty far if you had multiple dogs to run or if it were raining. Many people parked on the grass and crated out of their cars. Inside the building was extremely dirty as the dogs kicked up a lot of dust. If there was a food vendor, I never saw it, so I can't rate it. Restrooms are next door and sufficient. Parking is haphazard/everywhere, to include inside one of the near buildings that some people were crating in. Lots of RVs- so this must be good. Maybe due to the crating in other buildings, they were often short on workers, and running order had lots of conflicts. Hopefully they will soon return to the Coliseum. I would not trial at this site again.